We are committed to operating at the very
highest level of transparency, compliance and
ethical standards.


At HLG Australia, we believe that effective corporate governance is the foundation of a well-run business. Through our governance, we set clear responsibilities for our leaders, employees, and partners. We do so because we believe that is ultimately the best way of creating long-term competitive returns for our shareholders and ensuring that business is sustainable – in every sense of the word.

Through our commitment to Australian corporate laws, transparency of disclosure and reporting HLG Australia has developed a robust framework to ensure the governance objectives for our investments and services are met, the risk is monitored and assessed, and performance is optimized.

We are committed to the highest of governance and strive to foster a culture that values and rewards exemplary ethical standards, personal and corporate integrity, and respect for others.

“ Over the past century, generations of great Australian companies and entrepreneurs helped create and deliver the world’s most exceptional products, services, and solutions enhancing the standard of living of the general populace and giving high returns to stakeholders — and shaped the course of history along the way. HLG Australia embodies the tradition and spirit of Australian culture.

We’re an independent Australia investment holding and business service company built on a culture of integrity, innovation, and value creation. Our vision is an expression of our company’s purpose and values, designed to inspire and focus all employees, investors, and partners on a shared future and to reaffirm that, together, we can meet the challenges that lie ahead.

We seek to run our company to the highest possible standards of transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct, recognizing it as an essential component of our responsibility to investors, customers, employees, the community, and the environment. We believe that effective corporate governance is the foundation of socially responsible and well-run business”.

Luis De Sousa
Founder & Managing Director

What is Corporate Governance?

Effective corporate governance allows a corporation to work smoothly by ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of the distribution of roles, responsibilities, rights, and accountability.

Our Board of Directors actively adheres to good corporate governance standards, and will at all times ensure that HLG Australia complies with the Australian Code of Practice for corporate governance (the “Code”) or explains any deviations from the Code. The topic of corporate governance is subject to regular assessment and discussion by the board.

About Australian Corporate Governance

Our Objectives and Principles

Our objective is to ensure long-term value creation for our shareholders through investing and delivering of superior end-to-end business and investments services.

We believe that the best way to achieve this goal is through value-based performance culture, stringent ethical requirements, and a code of conduct that promotes personal integrity and respect for the environment. Our corporate governance is, therefore based on our corporate values and ethical guidelines.

We believe that good corporate governance is more than just a technical exercise—it is instead a fundamental element in the practical work of the company’s governing bodies, and it defines the criteria on which the trust of the company’s shareholders is based.

Also, the work of the Board of Directors is based on the existence of a clearly-defined division of roles and responsibilities between the shareholders, the Board of Directors, and the management in HLG Australia.


  • All shareholders will be treated equally
  • HLG Australia will ensure that all shareholders have access to up-to-date, reliable and  relevant information about the company’s activities
  • HLG Australia will have a board of directors that is independent of the group’s management. By our ethical guidelines, the Board focuses on there not being any conflicts of interest between owners, the Board of Directors and the company’s management.
  • The Board of Directors will base its practical work on the principles for good corporate governance applicable at all times.

Ethics & Compliance

HLG Australia’s success is founded on a reputation built over many years as being an honest and reliable business partner. By upholding our commitment to ethical business practices, we seek to maintain this reputation and meet our long-term objectives through being regarded as a business partner of choice.

Our Approach

We seek to maintain a culture of ethical behavior and compliance throughout the Group, rather than merely performing the minimum required by laws and regulations. We will not knowingly assist any third party in breaching the law or participate in any criminal, fraudulent, or corrupt practice in any country.

To support this, we have implemented a Group compliance programme that includes a range of policies, procedures, guidelines, training, and monitoring. Our permanent and temporary employees, directors and officers (as well as contractors, where they are under a relevant contractual obligation) must comply with our compliance policies, procedures, and guidelines that apply to their work, in addition to complying with applicable laws and regulations. When we enter into joint ventures where we are not the operator, we seek to influence our partners to adopt similar policies to ours.

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