Consumer and Retail

 HLG Australia has faith in Australia and global consumer and retail sector.

With the rapid increase in population growth, we believe the demand for high-quality consumer goods will be robust in the decades to come. In essence, not only luxury and health-related amenities are more immune to downturns but more accessible products with broader market appeal. HLG Australia is committed to investing in the best suppliers of branded consumer goods, nutritional foods and healthcare-related products.

The company seek investment opportunities through a joint venture for the production and distribution of Nonprescribed pharmaceutical and medical products (NPU) and supplies that help communities to prevent and manage the seasonal or prevalent disease and pandemic outbreaks (e.g. viral infections, acute medical conditions, etc..)

Another trend that gives us confidence in the consumer and retail sector is digital technology’s impact on global vertical supply chains. Competition is sharper, goods cheaper, and profits easier to attain. In Australia and ASEAN countries, the consumer has access to unprecedented choice and ever-lower price points.

HLG Australia seeks out nimble consumer-facing companies with business models that take advantage of these technology-driven trends.

More target sectors and investment rationale