Investment Criteria

Our primary responsibility towards our investors, shareholders,
and partners are to increase the company’s inherent value by
exponentially growing earnings over the long-term.


We follow a systematic approach to investing, with each investment opportunity being subjected to a thorough evaluation, in-depth analysis, and review by a dedicated and experienced investment management professional. Every new investment is analysed concerning the potential for value appreciation about the required rate financial of return and environmental impact.

Our strategic goal is to achieve sustainable risk-adjusted financial returns for our investors, partners, and stakeholders. We, therefore, invest directly in selected niche markets and growth sectors, or through funds, at pre-determined high performing asset classes.

Target Markets

Our investments focus on the six Australia’s and most dynamic economic regions – Queensland (QLD), New South Wales (NSW), Northern Territory (NT), South Australia (SA), Tasmania and Western Australia (WA).

We also target investments opportunities in New Zealand – Auckland, Christchurch, Willington.

In Asia, HLG’s target market spans across Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, countries which together account for two-thirds of the ASEAN population and offer significant untapped potential for abundant investment opportunities. These cover healthcare & pharmaceuticals, real estate, cutting edge technology, resources & energy (e.g., mineral and petrochemicals), consumer goods, supply chain, and logistics, business and related financial services.

All these economies are at different stages of development and present a wide range of opportunities; from the expansion of rising stars to the privatization of state-owned conglomerates.
We are constantly looking for investment opportunities in all growth industry sectors with a specific focus on the sectors mentioned above. HLG Australia has defined investment ranges for investing in opportunities in each of these economies. Based on a thorough quantitative and qualitative assessment, HLG has identified and clearly defined investment parameters within each sector.

Direct Investment

What are we looking for?

We seek to work as a partner with our portfolio companies and institutions. We look to invest in all stages of the corporate life cycle: Greenfield/early stage, growth stage, leveraged buyouts, etc. Target ownership may range from minority stake with board representation to majority ownership, based on the stage of development of our investee company and the strategy of the partnership.
Regardless of their stage in the corporate cycle, HLG Australia will be looking for the following characteristics in target companies:

Defensible, niche or dominant position in its industry/sector by geography or ability to build a dominant position.
Meaningful market growth potential.
Diversified and strong customers base.
Significant or potentially significant presence in Australia and Asia-Pacific region.
Strong management and technical expertise in place.
Relevant and focused development strategy.

What we deliver

The investments we will consider range from concept stage businesses through to established companies in need of growth capital or alternative funding arrangements.
Innovative and flexible funding options are available, and we provide financing tailored to the strategic goals of each portfolio company. The nature of private equity provides significant scope to tailor an investment to suit the requirements of the portfolio company and our investment requirements.
We employ a range of investment styles and work with the management teams and other shareholders to structure transactions that reflect the risks and opportunities associated with each portfolio company and investment case.
In addition to providing funding to progress a specific project or the portfolio company’s strategic objective, we add greater value in many ways:
• We provide ‘patient’ capital and remain committed to strategies irrespective of short-term market sentiment.
• With our first-hand industry experience across multiple sectors and jurisdictions, our management team has extensive experience in the development, implementation, and operation of portfolio companies large and small.
• Complemented by deep technical, financial, legal, regulatory, and market expertise, our team members have lived and worked globally and held multiple senior positions.

“Target ownership may range from minority stake with board representation to majority ownership, based on the stage of development of our investee company/institution and the strategy of the partnership.”