As one strategic team to maximize the value of investments
for our investors, partners, and communities.
We’re a lean organization with a high degree of flexibility.

A Private Investor | A Trusted Australian Business and Investment Partner

Structure & Capabilities

At the heart of HLG Australia is our end-to-end management service, which along with our process and people, sets us apart.We work as one strategic team to maximize the value of investments for our investors, partners, and communities.

We’re a lean organization with a high degree of flexibility. This fosters collaboration and effectiveness while also creating real accountability for the delivery of HLG’s long-term strategic priorities.Our unique management approach includes developing deep specialization in-house and outsourcing activities where internal resources are not critical to our success.Also, we have created appropriate controls within the organization to ensure that the speed and efficiency of decision making do not come at the expense of quality and sound risk management.These attributes significantly increase HLG Australia’s ability to achieve its objectives, and further establish HLG Australia’s as a leading world-class investment holding company.


 Our broad range of capabilities combines strategic, operational, environmental, and solutions. But more than that, we’re spearheading environmental leadership in sustainable property management and ownership. As we’re focused solely on selected, we have in-depth knowledge and experience within local markets – all underpinned by specialist, in-house research capabilities.


The company is composed of five business divisions/arms (‘The Group’) that serve as both a platform and a conduit to conduct various business endeavors locally and globally. Individually, each unit has a specific business purpose, but together they are stronger, creating value and raising multiple cross-platform investment opportunities.

Our open, flat structure is built on great leadership and a vision-underpinned by great people with like-minded values. We have a genuinely connected culture, focused on delivering an excellent experience for our investors and stakeholders.

HLG Investments and Capital Partners(HICP)

The group’s financial arm that identifies opportunities, conduct due diligence, provides advisory and business-related services, structures, and funds transactions across high growth sectors.
HLG Investments and Capital Partners is the Group’s financial arm that focuses on identifying opportunities, structures and funds transactions, invests directly in core projects or provides advisory services to the investors. HLG Investments and Capital Partners operates across several sectors. From Real Estate to Retail Banking, with the objective to capitalize on high returns while mitigating risks for the Group or the client investors.

HLG Retail, Resources & Energy(HRRE)

Consumer Goods, Commodities, Petrochemicals and Mining with a focus on targeting investment opportunities across geographies.
HRRE specializes in the investment and financing of natural resource assets, the trading of commodities, and complementary services. HLG Australia leverages its deep knowledge and expertise in conducting business in emerging markets to build a balanced portfolio of natural resource assets.

HLG Property & Asset Management (HPAM)

The group’s dedicated asset management division that focus on identifying property and real estate opportunities in Australia, provides buyer advisor services (BAS), provides property and real estate services (RES) and conduct efficient real estate operations (REO) which allows us to optimise the performance and returns of our assets, as well as the services we provide to our customers with consistent reporting standards and processes.

HLG Services (HS)

Focuses on offering services to corporations aiming at new markets and opportunities, through development and project implementation, across a vast domain of activities from trading to construction, real estate, health care and management. Provides a wide range of business, investment and management services to a substantial and diversified client base.

HLG Ventures(HV)

Specialist service division to focus on identifying business opportunities and invests in private, high growth, game-changing engineering and technologies companies or ventures accelerating innovation, efficiency, marketing, and high productivity across the entire industry and business spectrum.