HLG Australia Charity Foundation (HACF)
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HLG Charity Foundation

The HLG Australia Charity Foundation (HACF) is a private corporate initiative that is intended to provide opportunities for HLG Australia to make a meaningful contribution to the unprecedented and broader social and sustainability challenges facing our generation. The Foundation is funded by the HLG Holdings Australia Limited, and its global partners, and is the main vehicle by which the Group delivers on its comprehensive global community investment strategy.

The Foundation’s strategy is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of most relevance to the high growth sectors, and it works in partnership with other organizations in Australia and abroad towards shared outcomes.

The Foundation seeks to support charitable initiatives that improve the quality of lives in our changing world. We work with our chosen charities to strive to create environments that foster a child’s development, with a specific focus on donations to provide shelter, food, formal education, basic healthcare, and the chance for a child to lead as close to a healthy and prosperous existence as possible.

We’re also committed to contributing to reducing the number of lives lost to malnutrition and disease. Combating Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) in children is at the core of our programming. Improving the outcome of children’s lives forms the basis for the work the Foundation is engaged in, using our investments in health, education, and economic empowerment to help lift people out of poverty.

The HLG Australia Foundation will support the HLG Australia and Partners business to use its resources – namely employee experience and expertise, as well as financial resources – to enhance the wellbeing of vulnerable people, protect and enrich environments and support leading communities.

We aim to work with charities and communities that do not create a cycle of donor dependency, rather empower people, teach life skills, and facilitates development within communities.

Fund Raising Events

We seek to get involved in a range of charitable auctions, morning tea, and more. If there is a good reason to raise funds or a worthy cause to support, we’ll do it.

Our Guiding Principles

In all our activities, we adhere to seven guiding principles:

  1. We support effective solutions that address social or environmental issues and have a meaningful, positive impact in communities where we are present.
  2. We take a strategic, long-term approach to social engagement and clearly define the impact we want to have, the issues we wish to address, and the communities on which we want to focus on.
  3. We work with organizations in the non-profit, public, and private sectors to achieve greater impact beyond that which each participant could achieve individually.
  4. We make it possible for HLG Australia employees and global partners to participate in community work and involve them in the design, funding, and governance of local community programs while encouraging them to volunteer.
  5. We do not limit our contributions to cash, but also offer the time, skills, and expertise of HLG Australia employees.
  6. We commit dedicated, skilled people to ensure sustainability and appropriate management.
  7. We set objectives and monitor and evaluate performance against these indicators to ensure that we continue to improve in the areas we support. We are accountable to our stakeholders and report on our activities in a clear, transparent way.

The Foundation seeks to be an active member of the FIA Foundation network and aligns its governance principles with those that  FIA Foundation considers being best practice.

Australia Community Partner – Raise Foundation

HLG Australia aims to partner with the RAISE Foundation – an Australian charity aimed at making a real impact on young Australian lives. Our partnership will support the Foundation’s innovative mentoring programs.
The Raise Foundation trains and connects mentors wishing to help guide people at school, about to leave school, or for young mums under the age of 23. Its philosophy puts into practice the idea that it takes a village to raise a child.
For more information about RAISE Foundation, visit www.raise.org.au

Partnering and Advocating for Policies that Advance Climate Goals

Resilient environment sustains people’s cultures, livelihoods, and food security, retain biodiversity, maintain water resources, combat climate change, and underpin thriving societies and the world.

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HLG Australia  Foundation Board

The Foundation has a dedicated Board of Directors and operates consistently with the HLG Australia Charter values and the HLG Australia Code of Conduct. The Foundation is committed to robust governance and aims to set an example in purposeful transparency by reporting openly on progress in each of its community engagements and projects.

Inspiring interest through social value creation

The delivery of positive social impact through the HLG Australia Charity  Foundation’s activities will inspire our people and others and engender loyalty, trust, and goodwill.

Health & Wellbeing

 We aim to put people’s wellbeing first. Our programs focus on maintaining and enhancing physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.