About our name change

In September 2017 the board of directors of Holmex Trading International proposed to change the name of the company to HLG Holdings Australia Limited.
The name change supports the company’s strategy and development as a broad investment holdings and business services company.

We changed our name from Holmex Trading International to HLG Holdings Australia on September 2017.Read the press release.

Press Release, September 2017

Why we changed our name?

If a company is to succeed over time, it must change and adapt at least as fast as its surrounds. We changed our name to HLG Holdings Australia because we’re going from being a pure international trading company to become a broad investment major. We aim to capitalize on the significant investment opportunities arising within a diverse Australia economy and also committed to supporting the “ best-of-the-best” enterprises in Australia, creating and delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for future generations.


Strong history, people, capital, and character :

We are curious. We will continue to explore opportunities with an open mind and an optimistic outlook.

We will continue to build Alliances and partnerships with like-minded partners to expand our horizons, elevate our ideas, and speed our progress.


We succeed most when we have a positive impact on others and our world.

We remain committed to supporting the “best of the best “ enterprises in Australia and delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for future generations.

About Our New Name

HLG Holding Australia Limited. A new name for the next chapter of our story.

Change has been a constant for us from the very beginning. Mastering feats of investing and partnering overcoming harsh market environments and global economic challenges and learning by doing, sharing and partnering with others and the aim of becoming one of Australia’s leading investment holding and business service providers.

We’ve evolved from an Investment advisory, business intelligence, and international trading company into a broad investing holding and business service company. We are meeting the future with optimism and a new name.

The name HLG was formed by combining the abbreviated “HL” from “Holm”, signalling a company inspired and proud of German heritage (Proto-Germanic *hul-maz, from PIE root *kel- which means “to rise, be elevated, be prominent) , who wants to use this actively in its positioning and the starting point for word “G” like Global Group.

Rising higher, be elevated and elevate others, be prominent and create shared value are the guiding light that inspires our people and our global partners to work towards our vision.

Our new name reflects who are we today, and our ambitions for the future.

The world is changing, and so is HLG Australia. The biggest transition our modern-day investing and entrepreneurship have ever seen is underway, and we aim to be at the forefront of this development in Australia and across the globe. Our strategic priorities remain firm.

HLG Holding Australia is a powerful expression of who we are, where we come from and what we aspire to be. We are a value-based company, and “Rise and Be Elevated, Be Prominent” describes how we want to approach people, our businesses and the communities where we operate. HLG tells the story of a company that thrives on change, cheering for diversity, attracting the best talents and committed global partners, with clear vision and integrity, innovation and value creation at its heart. The Australian and emerging markets will remain the backbone of our company, and we will use our Australian spirit in our positioning as we continue growing locally and regionally within both investing and business service,” says Luis.

Our logo —reminds us that we’re on a journey, guided by the clear vision and uncompromising values. Never settling for ‘good enough.’ Constantly searching for better.

We are HLG Holding Australia – Your strategic investment and service partner in Australia.

Our name change supports our strategy as a broad global investment holding and service business company. It reflects who we are today and our ambitions for the future.

Our new visual identity reflects a sense of directions and purpose with brand elements gravitating towards new ventures and new opportunities. 

Our new colour palette is inspired by nature and our rich Australian business tradition andheritage.

Say hi to change. Say hi to Australia.