Our geographic reach gives us access to growing markets

and new resources,new possibilities as well as

diversifying exposure to geopolitical events.

We believe in a global partnership for the creation of shared value

Our Approach

HLG Australia seeks to invest in fast-growing companies and ventures that are uniquely positioned to benefit from Australia and Asia Pacific market, know-how and deeper partnership with HLG Australia.

We engage with industry leaders and entrepreneurs in all key markets.

By combining global reach, local networks, and deep industry expertise across private markets, we engage with industry leaders and entrepreneurs in all key markets to proactively source attractive investment opportunities for our investors.

We focus on high-quality assets in the extended market that is still in the growth phase of their development. As a long-term investor, we work with the companies and assets we invest in to grow their business through expansion projects and operational improvements.

Market Knowledge and Proximity

With our African representative located in Sao Tome & Principe (approximately 1H 40 m flight from Accra-Ghana), and established strategic partnerships in Europe (Lisbon), Africa(Cape Town and  Johannesburg-South Africa) , Middle East (United Arab Emirates-UAE) , and our Asia-Pacific head office located in the resources-rich Australian state of Brisbane, we are ideally positioned to work across multiple jurisdictions and time zones.

In Asia, HLG Australia target markets span across Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, countries which together account for two-thirds of the ASEAN population and offer significant untapped potential for abundant investment opportunities.

Strategic Advantage

  • A board and investing team with a combined experience of more than 100 years to conduct business in the Australasia region and emerging economies.
  • Responsible investment framework with a clear strategy for embedding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) focused practices into the core investments activities of the company.
  • Transparent disclosure and reporting, via a robust framework that ensures governance and investment objectives are met, the risk is monitored and assessed, and performance optimized.
  • Longstanding relationships and strategic partnerships with industry leaders and CEOs of public and private companies in the region.
  • Our corporate headquarters is strategically located in Brisbane, Australia.; the gateway for fast-growing Asia-Pacific markets, with 4 billion inhabitants accounting for 60% of the world population.