Invest With Us

We’re a privately-owned investment holding and business service
company; thus we invest on behalf of shareholders and global
partners, offering them access to quality investment assets in
Australia and in the markets we operate.

A Private Investor | A Trusted Australian Business and Investment Partner

Our Investment Philosophy

HLG Australia essentially is a long-term investor that looks for solid fundamentals, enduring franchises, and other indicators of intrinsic value. We seek robust and proven performance with reasonable valuations and risk-adjusted returns.

The company takes strong, collaborative positions with top-caliber management. We carefully choose our business partners for their acumen, and we look to create long-term relationships with them.

The company’s investment and business services activities are underpinned by a concerted financial strategy around these elements: growth and value, high asset quality for the long term, robust cash generation, high liquidity optionality, conservative leverage, an array of committed term bank facilities, and strong controls.

We value the entrepreneur’s instinct for opportunity. Most of all, the company’s abides by the guiding values of its founder, especially hard work, due diligence, and highest ethical standards.

Our Capabilities

Our strong investment management capability complements the world-class business and investment service capability of the broader HLG Australia Group and partners, allowing us to deliver a range of highly demanded quality products and solutions tailored to the needs of individual and institutional investors.

We leverage our in-house capabilities, local network, and alliances with renowned companies both in Australia and across the globe to identify attractive investment opportunities, conduct due diligence and invest, which give us a competitive advantage in cementing our position in the market, and creating sustainable risk-adjusted returns for our investors, partners, and shareholders.

Four Benefits of Investing With Us

There are many benefits to investing HLG Australia , but what sets us apart from our peers is our strategy for consistent performance and long-term growth .
We’re an Australian Investment Holding and Service Company Built on a Culture of Integrity, Innovation and Value Creation.

Investment Management Team

 Our Investment Management team comprises highly experienced professionals and is committed to achieving superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors and partners. We adopt a consultative approach, aligning with investor interests to build sustainable partnerships for long term success.


Responsible Investment

Stewardship is at the heart of the HLG Australia. We preserve and grow investment assets on behalf of our shareholders, partners, and investors.
HLG Australia is committed to helping our clients deploys their capital in a manner that prudently integrates environmental, social and governance(ESG) considerations and seeks to have a positive impact on ecological and social issues, while helping our clients preserve and grow their financial assets.
In this fiduciary and stewardship role, we believe that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors form an integral part of the management process in our property portfolios. We acknowledge that achieving safety, sustainability and diversity outcomes will deliver long term value for our investors, the environment and our communities.


Our Approach

In Australia matters related to environment, health and safety are well regulated and closely monitored.
HLG Australia is committed to helping clients deploy their capital in a manner that prudently integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations and seeks to have a positive impact on ecological and social issues, while helping our clients preserve and grow their financial assets.
We aim to deliver superior returns to our shareholders while safeguarding the environment and meeting our obligations to broader society.


Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

 HLG Australia is committed to nurturing strong and strategic partnerships and alliances that foster long-term mutual growth.
The company has a global alliance and partnerships through which it delivers an integrated and customized service, providing the clients with one point of contact and a unified team , comprising the best resources from each firms. Aside from investing and managing assets in-house, the company and it’s partners also provide investment  and  business support services to individuals, organizations, and corporations from Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, South America , Canada and US who are interested in conducting business and investment in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.