Our Goal

Is to ensure long-term value creation for our shareholders
through investing and delivering of superior end-to-end
business and investments services

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Our Origins

HLG Holding (Australia) Limited was founded ten years ago as a result of my decisive commitment to creating a diversified and multicultural investment holding company based in Queensland to take advantage of the wealth of technical knowledge and investment opportunities that existed at that time in the asset management, resources and energy, education, healthcare, consumer goods, and several other high-growth sectors.

My vision was to “create a robust investment platform to facilitate investment into Australia and also help expanding Australian companies and institutions to find long-term partnerships in selected emerging markets to increase trade, and propel innovations, especially in Africa, Middle East, and Latin America by exploring viable investment options that would lead to an increase of market share for Australians made products, and services and consequently contribute to the sustainable development of local communities.

There were progress and setbacks along the way. The most significant challenges were to navigate the complex legal framework in some countries and the disruptions caused by geopolitical events affecting the global financial markets.

The recent shift in Australia and the global investment landscape has prompted HLG Australia to adapt, refocus our core competencies, and position the company to better capitalize on market opportunities spawned from an evolving global economy.

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Guiding Business Principles