Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

 HLG Australia is pursuing investments in healthcare on two strategic fronts, healthcare provision as well as healthcare management and consultancy.

There is significant opportunity in health care delivery across Australia and selected emerging countries in Africa(South Africa) and the Asia-Pacific region. HLG Australian holds an interest in local Consulting and Specialist Clinics, which is enabling high-quality end-to-end healthcare services representing a viable and replicable business model. HLG Australia is working to establish quality healthcare offerings all over Australia territory, especially outside the major urban cities, in the “Lendlease Communities,” where there are enormous opportunities for growth in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector through services of multi-specialty outpatient policlinics.

Thinking regionally, we seek to support innovative local healthcare providers that can address the burgeoning unmet demand for quality care, whether in partnership or management consultancy.

Demand for reliable quality care and affordable pharmaceutical products and solutions is accelerating worldwide, and HLG Australia investment strategists seek ways to support best-in-class solutions in Australia and the emerging economies.

HLG’s future involves expanding the brand locally and regionally through a program of hospital and clinic acquisitions. To achieve this, the company will leverage its management expertise and the strength of Australia brand and know-how to create a prominent healthcare group that delivers clinical as well as service excellence in healthcare delivery and management consultancy.

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