We are committed to international standards

In all our business activities, we will comply with applicable laws, act in an ethical,
sustainable, and socially responsible manner, practice good corporate governance,
and respect internationally recognized human rights principles.

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Our approach to respecting human rights

Our activities, directly and indirectly, affect vast numbers of people. We are aware of the responsibilities resulting in this global impact and fully accept our responsibility to ensure respect for human rights in our activities worldwide. For us, this is a core element of responsible business conduct and, therefore, an integral part of our “ Value to Society “ concept.

Our Values and attitude

“ We respect the personal dignity, privacy, and personal rights of every individual. We work together with individuals of various ethnic backgrounds, cultures, religions, ages, disabilities, races, sexual identity, world view, and gender.”The principle is firmly anchored in our Code of Conduct. They set forth the fundamental principles and rules governing the way we act within our company and about our partners and the general public.

International conventions and recommendations

In addition to local laws and statutory requirements in individual countries, there are several important conventions and recommendations issued by international organizations. There are primarily directed toward member states rather than individual companies. Nonetheless, they also serve as guiding principles for global companies as well as for the behavior of the employee. HLG Australia endorses the stipulations contained in these conventions and recommendations. These basic principles are reflected in our Business Code of Code and Policies.

Our human rights commitments

We have committed to follow a range of international standards, including:

Human Rights and our Supply Chain

We work to prevent and address human rights harm through our business relationships. We do this by pre-screening potential business partners on their human rights record before we engage them, as well as requiring suppliers (including contractors and other agents) to adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct, which necessitates respect for human rights.

Our standard contractual terms also require suppliers (including contractors and other agents) to take reasonable steps to prevent and address modern slavery in their supply chain and grant us the right to audit our suppliers for compliance against these requirements.

Complaints, Disputes & Grievances

Talking to our stakeholders and getting feedback, including complaints, is a vital part of our approach to respecting human rights. It helps us to provide effective remedies where we identify we have caused or contributed to the harm, improve the way we run our operations, and is also a crucial part of understanding systemic issues as part of our human rights due diligence process.

Guiding Business Principles