Our Model

We believe that the best way to achieve sustainable
success as a dynamic investment holding and business
service company is to act in the long-term interest of
our shareholders, partners, and society.

Value creation is our priority.

Our Model

Our Investment model supports the group strategy of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns for investors and partners from high-quality holdings on core growth and value-added industry sectors.We focus primarily on the Australia market and seek opportunities in selected emerging markets.

We target attractive investment opportunities primarily from Agribusiness and food, natural resources & energy, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, property, real estate,  TMT,  engineering, and specialized service sectors.

Our model is simple: HLG Australia invests a combination of proprietary capital and/or debt or equity raised from HLG’s and global partners branded investment products, which enables us to invest with a longer-term vision.

The nature of our capital provides us with a distinct advantage:  liberated from managing external investors such as Hedge Funds and/or answering to consultants, and freed from benchmarking and the risk of redemptions, we are able to focus solely on identifying the best ideas, allocating sufficient time and resources to conduct thorough due diligence, and responding nimbly to opportunities.

We’re a lean organization with a high degree of flexibility. Complemented by deep technical, financial, legal, regulatory, and market expertise, our team members have lived and worked globally and held multiple senior businesses and investing positions.

Our partners, investors, and group companies benefit from our combined Australian and global know-how, strategic, entrepreneur and business expertise, a broad network, and a wide attention span.

Our Approach

The foundation of our philosophy is based on partnering with progressive local and regional investors, entrepreneur, companies, and business with the superior management team, supporting them in achieving their full potential, enabling them to achieve their financial goals and/or become competitive and dominant on both regional and global scale.

Our portfolio is intended to create long-term value for our investors, partners, and stakeholders for generations to come. It is, therefore, not subject to conventional short-term performance measures or tactical portfolio optimization. Our approach enables us to execute investments in a skillful and timely manner, deploying our flexibility and dynamism to take advantage of long-term market developments and trends.

HLG Australia conducts its investment activities and issue its investment decisions in line with generally accepted sound asset management principles and with an aim of maximizing risk-adjusted financial returns and in a manner consistent with HLG Investment strategy and established objectives and based solely on economic and financial grounds with care considerations to local and regional political events or matters.

Each investment decision is considered in the context of the overall portfolio and not in isolation as part of the global investment strategy to incorporate an acceptable level of risk in line with HLG’s’s mission and investment objectives.